Create a Constraint for Max Hours Worked per Day

Create a Constraint for Max Hours Worked per Day

Constraints can be set based on the users’ facility rules. Users have to manually confirm that they desire to violate a constraint or can set the constraint to be none-overridable. 

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Constraint Configuration option in the Compliance section.

2) Set the desired Scope of the constraint by choosing from the drop-down.


Note: Setting the Scope to Domain makes the constraint accessible across all organizations.

3) Press the Add New button.

4) Enter the Title for the constraint.

Note: Check Is Overridable if the user wants to be able to manually violate the constraint. 

5) In the Method drop-down select Max hours worked in a day.

Note: You may choose to use Assigned To Filter if max hours worked a day needs to be for specific job, shift, etc.

6) In the Calculation Unit drop-down select the alternative the user wants to use.

7) Enter the desired value by either typing it into the value field or by using the up and down arrows.

8) Press the Save button.


9) On the next screen press the Save button again.

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