Create a Budget Demand Requirement

Create a Budget Demand Requirement

The purpose of the Budget Definitions feature is to allow users to create budget or forecast demands according to which a schedule can be generated. This demand can be expressed in people or money.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select the Budget Definitions option in the Demands section.

2) To create a new budget definition, click on the Add New 1.pngbutton.

3) First, set up some of the General settings for the new budget definition.

    - Enter the Name of the Budget Definition

    - Enter Valid From and Valid To (can be left blank or populated with a date     range for which the budget will apply)

    - Enter the Recurrence pattern that the Budget Definition will follow.

    - Enter the Organizational Units that the Budget Definition belongs to.

4) Then, set the Targets for which the budget demand definitions will be created (per job, job location, shift, shift group, etc. or perhaps a combination of shift and job, or shift group and job location, etc.)

    - Select the entity from the Select Target drop-down


    - Select the item or group from the selected entity drop-down


    - Repeat the above steps if more targets needs to be added.

Note: Each budget definition is created for a set of targets per entity. 

5) Set a Budget Type and Budget Number in the Budget section of the definition. These settings define how many resources (people) or costs (money) the budget is targeted to.


Note: The budget type can be set to either People or Money.

6) Click Save button.

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