Create an Ad-Hoc Volunteering on Behalf of an Employee

Create an Ad-Hoc Volunteering on Behalf of an Employee

This article will walk the user through the common steps in order to create an Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry on behalf of any Employee.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Ad-Hoc Volunteering option in the Volunteering & Availability section.

2) From the Employee drop-down, select the employee for which the Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry will be created.


3) Navigate to the desired month using the arrows on the top left-hand side.


Note: By default, a month view is selected. To change it to a day or week view, use view options on the top right.


4) Click on the specific day to Add Ad-Hoc Volunteering record.


5) First, indicate the Start and End for the particular Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry. 


6) For each entity (Job, Shift, and/or Job Location), select one of the three desired volunteering options: Bid, Bid Class or Explicit.

Note: When Explicit is selected, the user can indicate a specific Job, Shift or Job location from the drop-down menu.

7) If necessary, create a Recurrence pattern for the specific Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry.

  • Either select an already predefined Recurrence pattern from the drop-down menu.
  • Or, create a new recurrence pattern by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the drop-down menu.

8) Press the Ok button to save the Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry.

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