Job Report

Job Report

Users can view assignment information about any job and who is scheduled to it over a specified time period in the Job Assignments Report.

Workloud Protip:  The Job Report also highlights vacancies, Posts are required when assigning employees, so vacancies show filled/unfilled appropriately.  Employees assigned to a shift/job, but not a Post will show on the Job Report, but will not cover the vacancy.

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Job Report option in the Reports section.

2) Select the Period for which the job assignments will be viewed.


3) Proceed with defining the report period and layout type. Period Type can be expressed in predefined shifts or custom period (start time and end time). Layout Type is either single or multiple shifts.

Lastly, select which shifts/shift groups will be displayed in the report (either individual shifts or shift groups).


4) The Job Filter drop-down can be used to select specific jobs that this report will display. Multiple jobs can be created. 


5) The Job Order Fields drop-down allows the user to select fields that will be used to sort jobs in the Job Assignments Report.

Note: only jobs can be ordered in this report. Use the arrows to indicate ascending or descending order of job sorting.


6) Lastly, select the Event Fields (data related to the assignments) that will be displayed on the report: Employee, Assignment Time, Job, Shift, Understaffed Time, etc. Use the arrows to create a specific order of these events.


7) Press the Apply button to load the report preview.

8) To view the full report, press the Print Preview button or the arrow next to it (to view the report in different formats). To save the report configuration settings, press the Save button.


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