Employee Violation Report

Employee Violation Report

Users may view detailed information about employee rule violations over a specified time period. This includes scheduling violations created by the employer.

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Violation Report option in the Reports section.

2) Define the Period the user would like to view rule violations for.


3) From the Select All Employees drop-down under Filter Constraints, define the employees that the user would like to view rule violations for.


4) From the Scheduler drop-down, define the scheduler the user would like to view. 


Note: This is the person who approved the rule violation.

5) Press the Apply button.

6) To view the full report, press the Print Preview button or the arrow next to it (to view the report in different formats). To save the report configuration settings, press the Save button.


7) After the full report is prepared, select Click here to view the result of the job’s execution.



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