2.0.0 (01/26/17)


Usability Improvements
  • Ability to select all, and unselect all OUs through the user icon
  • Enhanced and refreshed User experience (brighter font, intuitive button placement, tabbing)
  • Employee Self Service quota performance optimization
  • Time and Attendance employee interface and functional improvements
  • Roster From & To dates persisting after page reload
Functional Improvements
  • Permanent Time stamp for Leave Requests
  • Leave deletion tracking through Trace Access
  • Jobs Report (with added flexibility) replaces the Jobs Assignments Report
New Features
  • Smart Backfill -   Automate the call in process with problem solving via email, voice and SMS.   Automatically fill vacancies via open enrollment, active pick or first wins processes.  Accommodation logic during an automated call out process.  Utilization of existing problem solving profiles when using Smart Backfill.  Ability to launch Smart Backfill from a vacancy or an employee perspective.  Vacancy splitting capabilities before launching Smart Backfill.  Smart Backfill monitoring capabilities.  Trace access for all Smart Backfill assignments.
  • Seamlessly integrated Android time clocks - With timeclock gamification statistics: on time streak and rank.


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